Is Attitude Everything?

Paul J. Meyer, one of the oldest and most successful success teachers and speakers of today unequivocally insists that “Attitude is Everything!” This is his mantra. He allows that you must plan and you must take action – in fact he markets books and training courses on this concept through Success Motivation International (SMI).

John Maxwell is also a long time success teacher, speaker and entrepreneur. In an interview with Darren Hardy of Success Magazine Maxwell spoke of the mistake of believing or teaching that attitude is everything. Some things in life needs special skills, some things need special physical characteristics and almost everything worth achieving need special training, skill, practice, or hard work. You can have all the wonderful positive attitude you want, Maxwell says, but it won’t get you any closer to success unless you have the other requisites for what you want to accomplish.

In a sense they are both right. Without a positive attitude, without faith in yourself and a solid belief that you can and will succeed success may be very difficult to achieve. But while attitude is important, even critical, it is not everything. You must have the knowledge, the discipline, the hard work and the persistence that success in every area demands.

Attitude is essential. It is not everything. Beware of any claim that one thing, one attribute or one method is everything. Life is usually not that simple.

Maintain a positive attitude for sure! Gain the knowledge you need, do the planning, do the hard work, and be persistent. Success comes to those who master those disciplines.

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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