Impossible or Unlikely?

Seth Godin recently posted on how unimpressive the new iPhone 10 is despite its high cost. It is unimpressive he says because it does not do anything truly different. It does not break through any barriers. It does not revolutionize anything. It is merely a slightly improved version of the previous product.

So much of what we do fits this description. We merely repeat what we have done before, perhaps with a tweak here or there. Making real progress – changing the world – is unlikely and it is almost always very difficult, but it is not impossible.

How often we hear that something is impossible? Yet in fact very little is really impossible. Much more is unlikely; it is difficult; it is challenging.

First then we should be careful not to declare things impossible and more accurately see them as unlikely or as difficult or as both.

If a true change is to be made that will have a great effect it will be the unlikely change.

Developing the next iPhone 10 is not the aim or the challenge. It is likely. It is relatively easy. It has been done.

In whatever endeavor we engage upon the aim ought to be to achieve the unlikely and the truly impactful change.

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Daniel R. Murphy
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