How to Think Big

Highly successful people usually think big. Michael Hyatt observes:

“I get it. When we’re young, parents and teachers tell us we can do anything. We can become whatever we want! Then we grow older, and these same people tell us we must become more realistic.

Usually, that’s just code for small thinking.

Pretty soon, their collective voices becomes The Voice in our head. As soon as we have a big thought, we check ourselves: C’mon. Get real. That will never happen. You have to be more realistic. And so it goes. We mistake The Voice for wisdom.”

Hyatt read The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. It was written in 1959 but is still very relevant. From this Hyatt identified seven steps to thinking big.

  1. Imagine the possibilities. I do this all the time. I imagine or envision what I think I might achieve. Before I wrote my first book it seemed a lot just to imagine having one book done and for sale. Now I have four of them and am working on number five. But it was that dreaming about the first one that helped me think big enough to get it done. I repeated that process for every book since.
  2. Write down your dream. There is something almost magical about writing it down. It becomes an actual goal once it is written. Nothing motivates you better than having written goals.
  3. Connect. What is your rationale for your goal? You need to identify that to stay engaged.
  4. Outline what you need to do. What do you have to do to achieve your goal? These are the first steps toward attaining your goal. You may need to do some research to find out what is required.
  5. What will make it happen? Here is where you clearly define the steps you need to take to achieve your dream.
  6. Determine when this will be achieved. You need to set a deadline. Effective goals are time bound. Write down your deadline. This makes it very real.
  7. Review goals daily. This takes some self-discipline but it keeps you on task. It reminds you what must be done each day to achieve your giant goal. Try to do something each day to get you closer to achieving it. In addition to writing my blog posts I also work on the book outline, research for the book, and then one chapter at a time I write it. A bit of it every day.

As Hyatt reminds us you cannot listen to those little voices in your head that say you cannot do this, it is too big, it is too difficult, etc. Ignore those self-limiting thoughts. Keep focused on getting it done. This is how people turn big dreams into reality.

What is your big dream?

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Daniel R. Murphy
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