How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

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Title and Author:  How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

Synopsis of Content:

In 1909 Dale Carnegie, by his own description, was one of the unhappiest lads in New York. He was selling motor trucks for a living and doing poorly. He despised his job, his ratty furnished room and his lousy neckties. He despised the cockroaches who shared his room. Eventually he could take it no longer and resolved to change his life – and he did. He stopped worrying and started making progress. In about 1938 he resolved to write this book and in 1944 it was published.

Carnegie describes the methods which he personally found useful in stopping the worry that traps so many of us as well as approaches he learned from many others. He interviewed hundreds of successful people to learn their methods.

In this book Carnegie discusses how to analyze your worries and how to solve problems without worry. He discusses the negative effects of worry to your health and your success. He teaches how to break the worry habit, seven ways to cultivate a mental attitude that can bring you peace and happiness and a “perfect way” to conquer worry.

He tells us how and why to not worry about criticism, six ways to prevent fatigue and worry from keeping your energy levels down and how a collection of accomplished men and women told him they conquered worry including Dorothy Dix, Jim Birdsall, Jack Dempsey, John D. Rockefeller and many others.

Readability/Writing Quality:  

This book is very readable and well organized. It is written so that an 8th grader could easily understand it and yet is not purely simplistic. Like most of Carnegie’s books this one has suggestions at the end of each chapter summarizing the material and telling the reader how to apply it.

Notes on Author:

Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) is famous as one of the most successful self improvement teachers of the 20th century. Since publication of his first book in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People, his books and classes on public speaking and self improvement have helped millions of people for over 70 years.

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Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

  1. If you want to avoid worry live in “day tight compartments” living each day at a time and leaving to yesterday and tomorrow the things you cannot control or affect today.

  2. When a problem causes you concern, get the facts, carefully weigh the facts and the probably consequences of action, consider all possible solutions, resolve through reflection on the best solution, pursue it and worry no further.

  3. Count your blessings, not your troubles. Your mind fixes on what you focus upon – you can choose what to concern yourself about – do so.

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©1944 by Dale Carnegie and 1984 by Donna Dale Carnegie and Dorothy Carnegie.

Published by Pocket Books, Simon and Schuster, Inc.

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