How to Prepare for Future Change

question-buttonI’ve been frequently asked how one looks into the future with any reliability to plan properly. This is a challenge indeed and there are no easy answers. No one has a crystal ball. There are however ways to prepare for the future and a new book out touches on some of this.

How to Grow Your Ability to Detect Change Early by Rob-Jan de Jong.

On the Leadership Now blog on 02.27.15 you will find a review of this new book.

“Leaders anticipate. It’s what they do. It’s the vision thing.

But how do you increase your personal visionary capacity? How do we look ahead and anticipate the future and turn it into a compelling story that ignites our followers?

Rob-Jan de Jong assures us in Anticipate that “We all can work consciously and continuously to grow our ability to anticipate, improve our game of looking ahead, have more remarkable insights, and become more inspirational in how we speak about the future.

He divides the process into four parts: Visionary Content (generating the ingredients that go into a powerful vision), Visionary Practices (developing the ability to see change early and connect the dots), Visionary Self (mindsets and attitudes that allow you to become more visionary), and finally Visionary Communication (the ability to verbalize and communicate your vision powerfully).”

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Daniel R. Murphy
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