How to Get People to Like You

happinessIn a perfect world we may all succeed based solely on merit. It is not a perfect world. Our ability to form and sustain positive relationships with others can have more influence on our ultimate success than all our other skill and ability.

Forming good relationships with the people we work with is essential to get ahead. You do not have to be, nor should you be, a phony glad-hander. To have genuine relationships with others we must be genuine.

Lisa Evans wrote on this for the Fast Company blog recently. She writes: “You may not think being popular among your peers should be among your top work priorities, but being the most liked person in the office can impact your success. Likable people are more likely to have wider social networks to call upon. Plus, the relationships you have with the people you work with can make the difference between a great day and a terrible one.”

Evans identifies 7 key attributes you should cultivate to be more likeable and thus to form better relationships at the office or anywhere else—

Show Interest in People’s Lives

If you take a genuine interest in what is important to others you connect with them at a deeper level.

Support Other People’s Success

Do things like writing congratulations notes to people who succeed. It is another way to tell them you care about them. It promotes a more cooperative relationship with others.

Be a Team Player

Tone down your ego and work together. It leads to greater group success and others appreciate the team player.

Relax Your Game Face

It is alright to be focused and even serious about your work but it is much easier to get on with others if you relax a bit and look friendly. The workplace can be fun and relaxed much of the time. Others like to work with a pleasant person.

Take Responsibility

Owning up to your own failures and mistakes makes you more approachable and likeable.


It is amazing how much a genuine smile can do to improve your interactions with others. Everyone likes a pleasant smile much better than a grim face.

Avoid Gossip

Gossip breeds discontent and distrust. Avoid speaking it and listening to it.

If you can practice these 7 tips on how to be more likeable in the workplace or anywhere else where you work with people others will like you more and they will be more open to your ideas.

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