How to Get It Done

question-buttonJosh has goals, in fact he has some pretty good ones. His question is how do I get these goals accomplished. He gets distracted or too busy and the day is gone with no progress on what I really want to do.

The Importance of Execution

Success at anything you deem important enough to devote your energy and effort to requires a multi-step process ending with action.

The first step toward success is conceiving in your mind the end product, the ultimate accomplishment you seek. Through a process of discernment and reflection you must determine with certainty that you have chosen a definite and certain purpose that stirs passion – a burning desire to accomplish your aim.

Your definite purpose, like all great aspirations and goals, requires time and great effort to accomplish. In most instances it will take a lot of time. In most cases it will take many steps to accomplish.

Once your ultimate goal is identified and committed to you must break it down into manageable pieces, including long term goals, medium term goals and short term goals. You must plan the means to achieve each of these goals which ultimately lead to the final accomplishment of your purpose.

Many people dream of all kinds of accomplishments and achievements. They aspire to them. They speak of their dreams or simply think of them silently to themselves.

But they do not act.

Some people even identify steps to accomplish their purpose. They sometimes plan out every detail of how they could accomplish those steps leading to that ultimate achievement.

But they do not act.

They wait for the right time. They wait for the right circumstances. They wait for the right opportunity. They wait until something else is completed or out of the way. They wait until they meet the right person or people to help them. They wait for interest rates to come down, the market to improve, the weather to clear, or the right deal to appear.

But they do not act.

Ultimately no matter how grand the purpose, no matter how committed you are, no matter how well you have planned, no matter how carefully you have prepared, nothing can be accomplished until you act.

Execution – putting all your planning and desire into action is essential to achieving success. It is perhaps the most essential element of success. Men and women who have found success have been willing to act and often to act quickly and decisively. I do not suggest that you act unwisely, imprudently or without preparation. I do not suggest that you react to every impulse or every provocation. By all means plan your steps well and educate yourself about what you must do to succeed.

However, in the end, success only comes to those who will act, who will execute those plans.

Resolve to Act

Resolve to act. Resolve to put your plans into action. Each day do something to move your plans forward. Jack Canfield, author and speaker, teaches others to adopt the habit of doing 5 things every day to achieve your goals. Five actions a day may not seem like much, but they translate into 35 actions a week and 150 actions a month. That is 1825 actions in a year. How much could you accomplish if you took 1825 steps toward your goals in one year?

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh.

Let us assume you would like to write a book. It is a daunting task, writing an entire book and most people never complete it even if they conceive of the idea or start it. What if you wrote just one page of your book each day? In one year you would have a 365 page book completed. The year shall pass whether your write or not. But if you act, if you write the page a day, after that year passes you will not merely have a plan to write a book, you will have a book – fully written.

Every dream of doing requires just that kind of action. Continuous steps completed one at a time until it is fully completed.

All it takes is the willingness to act and then take action. Mistakes will be made. It will be necessary in most cases to redirect your efforts to accomplish the ultimate task. But nothing can be achieved unless you act.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” – Goethe.

The Law of the Farm – A Secret to Success

I spent a part of my childhood on a farm. You quickly learn the law of the farm when you live on a farm. The law of the farm is simply that nature operates according to certain laws which you must understand and obey. If you do not, disaster awaits.

If you do not prepare the ground in the spring the crops will not grow. If you do not sow the seed at just the right time and just the right depth the crops will not grow. If you do not remove the weeds and water the crops they will not grow. If you do not harvest at just the right time you will lose your crop.

Farmers cannot cut corners. They cannot leave the work to the last day and to it all in a rush. They cannot lie about and then cram for the test the night before. Farmers must do what nature requires to be done when nature requires it to be done if they expect success. Failing to heed the law of nature for a farmer means failure.

The same is true for all of us. Life is full of farm-like laws. Success comes to those who work hard and do what has to be done when it has to be done. Success does not come from sloth, or from putting off to tomorrow what must be done today. Success does not come from shirking work or responsibility.

It does not matter if you wish to succeed in sports or in business, in raising a family or in farming. They all require dedication, hard work, consistent application, and intelligent work. They all require that you do what nature demands in the given circumstance.

Most importantly – success requires doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done every time. It requires consistent action, persistence in the face of adversity and follow-through.

People who learn the law of the farm and understand that life is driven by principles, everlasting principles that never change or fail are people who find success in life. Those who never learn this lesson are more often than not on the brink of failure in life.

If you did not have the advantage of living on the farm you can still learn the lesson that all farmers must learn. You must learn that there is a time for all things that you must work hard and be dependable in your work to succeed.

If you doubt it, just ask a farmer.

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