How To Be More Organized: Time Management

Wooden hourglass 3Time Management is an aspect of being organized and being organized makes us more effective and more efficient.

Frances Booth wrote a three part article on better organization for recently. Part One is on reducing clutter, Part Two is on Planning and Part Three is about Time Management. All three articles are well worth reading, but I am focusing on Part Three today. She discusses two critical issues regarding time management: how to maintain focus in what we do and how to exploit our most productive time. Both of these are essential to the best use of your time.

Frances writes:

How much can you get done in half an hour? 

More than you think. 

Time management is as much about sitting down and getting on with a task with complete focus as it is about having the perfect schedule or what seems like enough time. 

A crucial aspect of time management is about getting round to things. And realising that often, our time is spent on putting things off (for a whole array of reasons).

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Booth is author of the book, The Distraction Trap: How to Focus in a Digital World.

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