How Do You Start Your Day

amazing sunsetDo you begin your day checking email and rushing into tasks that need to be done without really planning how to most effectively use your time? If you do you are not alone. To make the most effective use of your time there is a better way.

John Meyer, CEO of Lemonly, spends 20 minutes each day except Sunday planning. He wrote about his process on the Entrepreneur blog.

He calls his process “8 for the Day” and it goes like this:

“1. I write down the eight goals I want to accomplish that day. I figure if I can’t get eight things done in an eight-hour day, then I’m doing the wrong things.

  1. Six of those goals are professional and two are personal. Personal goals include things like going for a run or having a date night with my wife.
  2. The next morning, I check off the goals I accomplished, see how I did, reassess and then create a new list for the day.
  3. On Saturdays, I flip the ratio and set six personal goals and two professional goals, which may be as simple as paying the bills. This is an effort to encourage weekend fun and discourage weekend work.

On Sundays, there is no list making. I need time to rest and a day free of lists.”

He also contrasts other people’s methods including those of Tim Ferris and Gina Trapani.

You do not have to use Meyer’s method, or Tim’s or Gena’s. You may well learn from their methods and others. It is best however to develop your own method, the one that works for you and the one you will actually do each day.

The key is to plan your day. Yes there will be things you need to do that you have not planned. There will be interruptions. You will need to respond to what others want and need from you. But to the extent you can focus on what is important, what you have planned for, you will accomplish more.

Try planning each morning for a week and see if it does not make you more effective in what you do.

Read the rest of Meyer’s post here.

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