How 2017 Was a Great Year

If you watch the TV news (I very rarely do) or you read the news anywhere it all sounds pretty bad. Bad news sells. That is the sad reality.

The news you do not see often is that in many ways 2017 was the best year ever.

  • Fewer people in the world were hungry than at any time since such things have been tracked
  • Fewer people lived in poverty – every day the number of people in extreme poverty reduces by 217,000
  • Fewer people were illiterate
  • A smaller percentage of children died
  • Fewer people were disfigured from leprosy
  • Fewer people were blinded by trachoma
  • Every day 325,000 more people had access to electricity
  • Every day 300,000 more people gained access to clean drinking water
  • Since 1990 more than 100 million children have been saved through vaccinations and other health improvements

We do not often hear about all these improvements. Humanity makes continuous progress day by day and 2017 was typical.

So smile. Things are getting better. 2017 was a good year!

You can read more about these improvements on Nicholas Kristof’s post in the New York Times Sunday Review. To learn more about all the improvements that continue to happen check out Steven Pinker’s new book, Enlightment Now, coming out on February 27, 2018.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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