Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

When we speak about “true wealth” we speak about the balance in life that is essential if one is to find satisfaction and happiness. Ultimately all we seek in life, whether we call it financial security or peace of mind is a search for happiness and fulfillment.
No matter how much things change the stay the same. Benjamin Franklin wrote about “early to rise, early to bed, makes a man health, wealthy and wise. While rising early is not the entire secret to success it can be an important first step. More important though is Franklin’s recognition and the common wisdom of his time that it is not enough to only be healthy or only be wealthy – to be wise and healthy and wealthy is what we should seek.
These three goals are very interrelated. Without wisdom one does not recognize the importance of good health. Without wealth it is difficult to maintain good health or to pursue fulfillment in ways that will make us happy and wise. Without good health it wont matter what your bank balance shows. To spend all one’s time and energy chasing money and neglecting your mental and physical health is hardly wise.
It is said that one day John D. Rockefeller was standing in front of a small grocery store in Florida. A small boy walked up and admired the shiny red apples in the store window. The boy had no money and desperately wanted an apple. Rockefeller told the boy he would trade all his millions of dollars if only he could eat such an apple. Rockefeller at the time suffered from ulcers that precluded him from eating raw fruit – yet he loved apples and dearly wanted to bite into one. He was so moved he bought the boy an apple just to watch him enjoy it.
During the first part of his life Rockefeller sacrificed everything, including his health, to make money. He became one of the richest men in America but at a terrible price. He spent the last half of his life giving money away to charity and trying to rebuild his reputation. He also spent his last years devoted to his good health.
Rockefeller had learned the wealthy part very well, but he lost out on the healthy part and thereby we can say he missed out on the wise part.
True wealth is really a balance between what we want and what we need. It is devoting sufficient time and attention to our health, our social responsibilities and our peace of mind as well as to our investments and our money making endeavors. This is not always easy. Few of us succeed in maintaining this balance every day. However like steering a ship, if we try to return to our course when we drift off of it and maintain a commitment to serving all our needs we will come out in the end a happier, better adjusted and richer person in many ways – and likely will live longer as well.
Let us all remember to do all we can to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
Wishing you prosperity and happiness,
Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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