Happy New Year!

Set Effective Goals and Achieve Them

Have you set a goal for 2018? Even one? More than one? If you have good for you. If you have not you may want to consider doing so.

It has been observed that a life with no goals is rather like a boat with no charts. It just goes where the waves toss it. Many people tell me that goals are just frustrating because they make them and then they do not achieve them. They get distracted and side-tracked and the year is nearly over and they’ve made little progress. What is the point?

Goals are not magical. You do not set them and then forget them and they just make your life better. Yet we sometimes act as though they do. Setting well defined reasonable goals is an excellent first step, but that is all it is, the first step. Goals must be executed upon. You must review them daily and put steps to achieve your goals on your calendar or to-do list. They you must follow through.

I learned this the same hard way most people have. I have formed goals, lost track of them, let the busyness of life get in the way and achieved little. Then I learned from experience that goals need constant tending. That is the only way they get achieved.

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If you read any or all of these posts and then go on to do something else it will be of little usefulness to you. Sit down right now and write out your goals. Then schedule your first steps to achieve them. That is the only way goals get set and achieved.

Want to learn more and really master goal setting? Learn how to formulate goals correctly to gain control over your life and achieve your dreams in my book, Goal Power!

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