Guest Post by Amanda Kidd

One selfish reason people struggle
Many people have high aspirations and have set goals for themselves. But it’s only a handful of them who go the distance. The rest, either leave halfway or struggle to get to their targets due to their own perfectionism. The main reason why many people do not achieve their aspirations to the fullest is manifold.
1. Do not be scared of being labeled as a ‘Salesman’: Many people tend to keep their opinion and thoughts under cover and do not reveal them in open. Either they feel too selfish to inform others or simply too conscious to let others read their mind. This proves to be a big disaster. Unless you sell your ideas to the world in a proper manner, no one will actually give it a second glance and you would be lost in the crowd.
2. Be assertive and not meek: When you are meek you may think you are in reality a very good person who can do no harm to others. But you are in fact doing the greatest harm to yourself. Communicating your ideas to others not only benefits the world but it does a world of good to your personal self too. So those who are not assertive always are the ones who struggle. It has been seen that those who are pushy and outspoken are the ones who come out trumps. If you do not want to struggle then you need to showcase your ideas in an attractive package and then hand it out to the world.
3. Believe in your ideas: Those who do not want to struggle should first of all be confident that they have some amazing ideas to sell. It may be related to any field but entrepreneurs always are very confident that they can sell any idea. It is this very confidence that makes them successful and scale heights. But a person who is yet hesitant whether or not his or her idea will sell will definitely struggle.
4. Become a value creator: Whatever your idea, you must create value if you want to become successful. For this you must give cent percent of yourself behind the idea and create something that will be of help to others and mankind in general. Lack of enthusiasm will not fetch you results and will definitely make you struggle. You may be surprised to know that some of the best success stories have been written by those who were thought to have the most mediocre ideas. It is only after a certain point that your valuable ideas are understood by everyone and turn out to be your valuable assets.
5. Do it now: The gist of the matter is – get it done before it is required. That means that you need to be one step ahead in time to create something that will be certainly of help in future. Hence dilly-dallying will make you lose precious time and you may just see the opportunity slip right in front of your eyes.
Conclusion: Learn to accept criticism positively. The one selfish reason why people struggle is because they cannot accept criticism in a positive way. So if you do not want to be labeled as a struggling person, start accepting critics’ view point and incorporate the necessary changes. You will see the amazing results and get rid of the struggler’s tag once and for all.
About the author: By profession, Amanda Kidd is a writer and blogger. She is a health buff and a strict follower of a healthy lifestyle. Her health guide specifically includes natural ways to maintain physical and mental health. These days she is busy in writing on Interior Design and womens health.
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Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

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Daniel R. Murphy
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