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Here is a great book review from Alain Burrese on General Zinni’s book Leading the Charge —
Leading the Charge – Leadership Lessons From the Battlefield to the Boardroom by General Tony Zinni
Review By Alain Burrese

Maybe it is because of my military and martial background that I really related to “Leading The Charge: Leadership Lessons From The Battlefield To The Boardroom” by General Tony Zinni and Tony Koltz. General Zinni’s extensive leadership experience at the highest levels of the military, diplomatic, and business worlds comes through loud and clear in this interesting and educational guide to key aspects of leadership.

General Zinni starts out with a chapter on the crisis in leadership. He explores the changes in the world and asks what has happened to our leaders. He asks if this leadership crisis, that he states we are in, is just a leadership problem or is it deeper than that. He then goes into exploring these issues. Chapters include: The Failure to Adapt, The New Leader, Self-Knowledge, Ethics, The Led, Environment, The Enterprise, Speed, Knowledge, Communication, Decision, Crisis, and Vision. All of the chapters include relevant examples from actual experience, rather than just leadership theory.

I thoroughly enjoyed how General Zinni included theory and practicality throughout the text. For instance, in the Ethics chapter, he presents different classical approaches to ethics and how decisions made according to the standards of one will often conflict with the standards of another. He acknowledges that people being led today are more knowledgeable and more assertive than the led have been in the past, and they have more to say to leaders. Leading today is not the same as it once was, and this is a theme throughout the entire book.

General Zinni’s observations on leadership, based on his years of experience, make this book interesting, entertaining, and most of all a practical guide to help the reader become a better leader. Zinni declares it is a challenging time for leaders, and I could not agree with him more. His suggestions on defining yourself and your code for leading will help leaders know who they are, and if they stick to the code as Zinni instructs, they will become better leaders.

I think everyone should continue to improve their leadership ability. Studying leadership, and then applying those lessons, is a way to become a better leader and make a difference. This text by General Zinni is a great book to study, and he provides many practical lessons, based on experience, to implement and apply to your own situation. His final message is that the world has been changing and we need leaders who see the opportunities. Read “Leading The Charge” and be one of them!

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