Greenberg’s Five Leadership Lessons

Acordar as pessoas: há um novo dia!Herb Greenberg, who lost his sight at age 10, created a test that businesses could use to assess potential employee abilities. He then built a management consulting firm that worked worldwide called Caliper in 1961.

In What You Aren’t Seeing: The Inspiring Story of Herb Greenberg by Patrick Sweeney the author distills 5 leadership lessons from Greenberg’s work:

Clear Vision

As part of a clear vision Greenberg advised that you need to identify what you are willing to accept and what you are willing to fight for. It is much like the old saw, choose your battles wisely.

Meaningful, Noble and Just Mission

It is critical to have a clearly identified mission for an individual and an organization. It must be noble and just. It must be something others will admire and be willing to follow if one expects to lead.

Intelligence, Resilience and Self-Motivation

There are critical personality traits or attributes that a leader must develop and use to be effective including intelligence, resilience and self-motivation.

A willingness to step up, take responsibility and become accountable.

True leaders must step up and take responsibility. They must be accountable. Good leaders seek to continuously improve themselves and their organization.

Inspiring others to achieve.

Good leaders are able to inspire others to succeed and through this succeed themselves.

Greenberg encountered substantial adversity as a blind man at a time when the disabled were not expected to excel. Not only did he excel he inspired others, many of whom had less impediments to success than he did. It is difficult to find a more succinct and powerful list of 5 essential attributes of an effective leader.

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