Great Ideas from Blogs

I get great ideas all the time from good blogs. Here is a list of just a few recent posts that are worth the time to read.

Have you thought about buying real estate as an investment? Have you thought about whether you should sell your current home? You may want to read this Financial Samurai blog post: The Best Time to Buy Property is When You Can Afford It.

Life is about more than money, right? From More Than Money here is a post about what constitutes the optimal human experience.

It is important to be kind. It is important to answer others kindly. From Becoming Minimalist here is a great post on the importance of kindness in our lives.

In our efforts to control our spending and control the accumulation of stuff here are 3 Questions You To Ask Before Making Any Purchase. A great idea.

And see my post on the difference between an Ant and a Grasshopper posted on the Millionaire site. Learn how an ancient fable can teach us to succeed in our financial life.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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