Free by Chris Anderson – Review

Mini Book Review
Most of my book reviews are longer than this one. I do have a number of mini-book reviews however and I will begin posting those as well. Enjoy!

Title: Free

Author: Chris Anderson

Book Category:Sales/Marketing

Publication Information: Hyperion © 2009 288 pages.


While giving away free premiums is an age old marketing device in recent years it has become a very powerful and primary sales gimmick. It is especially dominate on the internet and especially for those selling information on the internet. The author discusses how major internet companies such as Google and Craig’s List have made free a major part of their business and how you can do the same thing. As free sales devices become more common the public increasingly expects something free to be offered, again especially on the internet. It is well written and very comprehensive.

The author is the Editor in Chief of Wired on line magazine.


Writing Style:           Easy / Moderate / Difficult / Obtuse

Content:                    Relevant & Timely / Too Out of Date

Over All Score:        Poor / Good / Very Good / Excellent

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Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

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