Everything Can Be Improved

great_idea2How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. — Anne Frank

It has long been my byword: Everything Can Be Improved. It is at the bottom of my professional email and is now at the bottom of all of my emails.

I believe it is true. I also believe it is the basis for hope. It is easy to get discouraged by all the bad news in the world. There are always a host of problems, many of which seem insurmountable, to bring gloom to our day.

The Choice

One can sink into despair at the problems that face us, both the personal problems and the larger social problems. Despair however has never fixed anything, reversed anything, or improved anything. It has never solved problems. Only hope can lead to the solution of problems. Hope is the product of the belief that everything can be improved.

This is a choice we all have. We can founder on our problems or we can accept the fact that problems can be solved and things can be improved. I choose to have hope. I choose to believe that everything can be improved.

quote-everything-can-be-improved-clarence-w-barron-64-73-98Clarence W. Barron

I “invented” this quip, Everything Can Be Improved, many years ago. I did so because it seemed to capture in a few words the core of my philosophy. It turns out that someone else used the same slogan: Clarence W. Barron. I have only just learned of this through my research. (Photo: http://www.azquotes.com/quote/647398)

Clarence W. Barron was the president of the Dow Jones & Company. He managed the Wall Street Journal. He was born on July 2, 1855 in Boston, Massachusetts and died October 2, 1928.

Barron was a formidable man. He was known as a powerhouse. He had great energy and sought to improve many things. He understood the power of this phrase, this idea. He believed it just as I do. In addition to buying the Dow Jones Company he founded various journals including Barron’s Financial Weekly. He is credited with founding the modern concept of investigative financial journalism.

Certainly it was Barron’s philosophy that everything could be improved and he sought to do just that in his field of financial journalism.

Just as Barron strove to improve his industry we can all continuously strive to improve the work we do whatever it may be. I invite you to join me in adopting and implementing this credo: everything can be improved and there is nothing that serves mankind better than the continuous improvement of all human endeavor.

What can you improve today?

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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