Ethics in a Chaotic World

Blogger Ron Mercer recently posted an interesting article about maintaining your ethics in a chaotic world. Mercer points out that for many people today’s world seems more chaotic. He observes, “Watching the news, reading about Fortune 500 companies that disregard the public trust, politicians that cannot get anything accomplished except destroying their counterparts, countries poised to fire long-range missiles into other countries’ territories, stock markets that keep rising on the back of world central banks printing every more money to keep a false narrative alive seem normal any more.  It’s not! Yes, what is up seems down.  Sometimes good old common sense is lost in decision-making.  The world seems to be upside down.”

We surely live in a world of rapid change, more rapid than at any time in human experience. For many, especially for older people, it seems like increasing chaos. Mercer’s message is the importance of maintaining your ethical behavior in such chaos – despite the chaos and because of it. He reminds us of 5 key things we must do consistently to maintain that ethical standard:

  • Just because it is popular does not mean it is right – do what is right not necessarily what is popular.
  • Obey the law.
  • Beware of too much convenience – ethical behavior keeps an eye on long term benefits which are not always gained through convenience.
  • When no one is watching behave as though everyone is watching.
  • Beware of unnecessary complexity.

These are good guidelines for maintaining our values and ethics. I suggest you check out Mercer’s post to get the details – his explanations are very well done.

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