Effective Time Management – Time Management Levels

ETMLevel 2 – Managing Your Hours 

Management of hours is the traditional form of time management. Breaking the day down into one or more hour blocks makes it easier to get work done, especially larger projects or meetings.

Most people require at least an hour of uninterrupted time to adequately focus on a major task or project and make good progress. If you have a major task to accomplish it is best to schedule at least one hour, more if needed, devoted just to that task.

If the task requires more than the time available in one day then break it down into parts and schedule separate hour blocks on several days to accomplish it.

This may sound simple but it is not always easy to find one hour blocks of uninterrupted time to schedule in this fashion. It requires your recognition that this is the most effective way to get things done and the discipline to schedule it and follow through.

For many people it is not just setting aside the time to do these tasks that is important but when to do them. Depending on your schedule there may be better times throughout the day to schedule these hour blocks. Also, most of us work more effectively at certain times of the day. If for example you are a morning person blocking out an hour or two in the early morning to get something done can be far more effective than doing it in the afternoon.

Develop the commitment to schedule these blocks of time of one hour or more to make significant progress on major tasks and you will find you accomplish more and work more smoothly. It will take less time to do more by managing major tasks by the hour.

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