Effective Time Management – Time Management Levels Level 8- Planning for the Decade

ETMThis is the 8th part of a series I’ve been doing on Time Management Levels inspired by Ken Krogue’s articles on the Forbes blog.

Planning for the decades is much more challenging than the shorter time periods we have discussed so far. Can you know what you want to accomplish in a decade? Yes, you can, but it requires some serious thought about your long term goals.

For some this may be easy. For example if you are a freshman in college with the goal of becoming a medical doctor you know you will spend much of the next decade getting your education: first four years of undergraduate school, then four years of medical school and an internship, then perhaps more to specialize. The decade plan than is to get that medical education, pass the boards and establish yourself in a medical practice.

For most of us though a decade is a formidable period of time to plan. We cannot help but think about all the changes that occur over a decade and how we may change our direction several times in that span of time. That is really OK. Planning helps direct us, it is not meant to be a straight jacket.

For most of us though we can think about a long term goal – something we really would like to achieve in ten years. It may be raising a ten year old child to successful adulthood. It may be advancing in a career or profession to a particular point of success. It might be rising in a company to a particular position – maybe the top!

Where do you want to be in ten years? Spend some time dreaming and thinking about that. Formulate your long term goal – the big one that you aspire to – and then make a plan for how you will get there year by year. That is how you plan a decade at a time.

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