Effective Time Management – Time Management Levels

ETMLevel 1 – The To-Do List

Time – it is the one thing we cannot obtain more of. You cannot buy more or borrow more or make more. You have the same 24 hours per day as everyone else. It is your most precious resource.

This is the first in a series of short lessons on the most effective use of time. This series is inspired by a series of posts by Ken Krogue at Forbes.com. He examines the traditional levels of time management and offers some insight into some advanced aspects.

Level 1 time management is about managing our minutes. Your minutes will swiftly pass by in a day if they are not managed. The traditional and effective way to manage them is to create a To-Do list. On that list you capture the things you have to do today as well as things you would like to accomplish today.

You then prioritize that list based on the importance of the tasks. The tasks are prioritized based on importance. Sometimes importance is based on urgency, but not always. Often what is most urgent is not what is most important.

Managing the List

To be effective you must manage this To-Do list. You must review it as the day progresses This is crucial. As tasks are accomplished you check them off. There is a sense of satisfaction in checking off tasks. That sense of satisfaction makes you more effective – it moves you forward to accomplish more.

As the day progresses things change. This is the inescapable nature of life. Interruptions occur. Priorities change. New tasks arise. You have to reorder your prioritization as the day progresses to effectively manage your day.

At day’s end you should review your list to see what you have accomplished and to move unfinished tasks ahead for your To-Do list for the next day or days.

The To-Do list is the oldest form of time management and it is the simplest. It is also a powerful tool if used with some discipline. Actively manage your list and you actively manage your time.

As good as the To-Do list is, it is not enough however. We will examine more time management tools and practices in the future posts in this series. See you back here on November 3rd for the next lesson.

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First post in this series: 10/17/14

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