Don’t Burn Your Bridges

The Creating True Wealth Series – Part 4

Bridge to Nelson
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Donʼt Burn Bridges

You never know when a relationship youʼve forged in your past might come in handy later on, even the ones you completely donʼt expect. Thus, even if you feel wronged in a situation or want “revenge” on some people – or even if you just feel an urge to spread negative gossip – resist it. As you get older, youʼll find yourself time and time again bumping into people that you forged relationships with earlier on – if you burned those bridges, youʼll find that eventually youʼll have burnt that very bridge that you need to cross to get ahead.

My advice? Never spread a negative word about anyone, because it never helps.

Keep in Touch

When you do build a bridge with someone, donʼt let it get old and worn out – spend the time to keep in touch with that person. Shoot them an email or a phone call every once in a while just to see what theyʼre up to. When itʼs clear they need help and you can easily provide it, always provide it. I found the book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi to be particularly powerful in this regard. Iʼm rather introverted, and itʼs often a challenge for me to initiate and then keep communication going with someone, and this book provided tons of tips on how (and why) to keep contact with people.

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