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ETMDo you suffer from ADHD? Adults do have this condition that we association more with children. If you do not have this condition maybe you have a friend or loved one who does.

Even if you do not have ADHD focus is an important skill to use to be productive. In a recent post by Katy Rollins on her blog for adults with ADHD Katy makes some suggestions for how to manage time and focus to avoid being scattered, unfocused and not getting the important stuff done.

>It’s easy for us adults with ADHD to get on our own nerves by leaving certain kinds of tasks until the last minute, or by not doing them at all. Sometimes these oversights and avoidances drive the people around us crazy, too. But I would argue that an important key to living well with ADHD is prioritization. You have to learn to tell the difference between tasks that actually need to be prioritized, and those that don’t. Calm down—don’t let your executive function circuits explode. Let me explain.

Time Management Strategies for Adults with ADHD

The past three weekends, for me, have involved running or helping to run two large events, and a major holiday. What does the interior of my car look like after two weekends of running events? It contained an E-Z Up tent, a chair, five folding tables, large boxes of supplies, several sandwich-board-style signs, emergency changes of clothing, my emergency rubber boots that always live in my car, two large containers of the clothing that I make and sell, a big bag of my selling supplies, a metal clothing rack, several mannequins, lots of tablecloths, about 200 pounds of cinder blocks, and a bunch of other stuff I threw in there in a hurry so that I could get home after the last event some time before midnight. The car was completely and totally full in every way.

Then came the holiday weekend. Holiday weekends generally involve fitting family members into my car.

Did I clean the car out right after my event? Nope. Not gonna happen. I’m so exhausted after an event that I’m not touching that stuff until I have to. I’m sure lots of people think that you should put everything away right away…and good for them. But I have so many other things in my life that are more important, that need to be done right away, that I have to ration my “do it now” motivation carefully. After all, I have ADHD. Every time I have to motivate myself to complete a task like this, it takes extra effort. I let necessity dictate the timeline for cleaning out my car.<<

Read the rest of Katy’s post here.

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