Creating True Wealth – Step 3 – Attitude – 3.3 Self Confidence

We are back to the Creating True Wealth series after a break. Today we look at the importance of self confidence in creating wealth.

One of the common attributes of successful people, and financially successful people in particular, is a high self confidence. This does not mean they are pompous or conceited. In fact many successful men and women are very humble. They recognize that while their own personal effort is essential to their success they also must depend on many other people to make their financial success happen.

Confidence is born of understanding what it takes to be successful and the willingness to commit to disciplines that lead to that success. Here are some common attributes found among the rich and financially successful:

1. They understand that there is no such thing as failure. They understand that each setback is a learning experience upon which they build to do it better next time. When they have no fear of failure their confidence grows.

2. Successful people understand that success is not a secret. It can be learned. Just as others have made and lost fortunes so can they. The key is to learn how it is done and to be willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

3. Successful people understand that while success may not be a secret it also many not be easy. They are willing to continually learn, experiment, and adjust to circumstances.

4. Financially successful people understand that financial success comes from an understanding of the market place – from understanding what the market values and learning how to supply it. They also understand that this changes all the time and they must study that market and adjust to meet it.

5. Successful people learn equally well from other’s mistakes and avoid those errors. This builds even more confidence.

6. Successful people understand that knowledge, hard work, persistence and self discipline will bring them success over time. They understand the need for patience. They do not expect miracles or get rich quick results.

7. Financially successful people understand they must continually focus on their business and their wealth. It will not take care of itself. They know that if they keep that focus they can succeed.

These are the primary attributes that we see in financially successful people. These attitudes build confidence. With each success more confidence is built. This understanding also limits or eliminates fear which allows them to take the risks that are essential to success.

Genuine self confidence is not blind or naïve. It comes from constant learning and experience. There are no shortcuts.

One way to learn how people build this level of self confidence is to study the lives of successful people. Your library is full of books on successful people. Read biographies of people like Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Colonel Sanders and others who have achieved success. Learn from people in your community, business or field who have been successful.

Talk to others in your field who know how people have succeeded. Look for common elements in those stories. The more you learn about how others became successful and overcame failure and obstacles to their success the more confidence you build in yourself.

After all, if they did it, why can’t you?

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Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

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Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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