Creating True Wealth – Step 3 – Attitude – 3.2 Positive Mental Attitude

Almost every major philosopher of the modern era has in common their acknowledgment of the power of positive thinking. No aspect attitude is more important than positive thinking.

Benjamin Franklin, the father of American philosophy recognized and taught the power of a positive frame of mind. William James, the father of the science of psychology was adamant about the importance of positive thinking. Success literature, beginning in the late 19th century, almost always included positive thinking and attitude as essential to success. 
Early writers like Orson Swett Marden, Napoleon Hill and others made it a primary element in their teaching. In the depth of the great depression of the 1930s Dale Carnegie wrote about it in his seminal book, How to Win Friends and Influence People and of course Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking have been a best sellers for decades.

A struggling insurance salesman named W. Clement Stone who went on to found one of the most successful insurance companies of the 20th century was devoted to the value of positive thinking or what he called “PMA” – positive mental attitude – which he considered the most important requisite for success. He had been heavily influenced by Napoleon Hill’s book of the 1930s, Think and Grow Rich which also named positive thinking as an important asset. In the 1950s Stone and Hill became partners and spread the gospel of positive thinking in books, lectures and tapes.

It continues today with success writers like Jack Canfield (a Stone protégé), Anthony Robbins (a Rohn protege), Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, and many others.

In my study of these writers and many more over the years no theme is more prevalent then the importance of positive attitude. In my own study of successful people and unsuccessful people I have also found a positive attitude to be essential to long term success.

Some people seem to be naturally optimistic and positive. For them positive thinking requires little effort – it seems natural. For others positive thinking requires effort and discipline. For anyone however the effort to train your thinking to be positive pays off with high rewards.

A positive mental attitude does not guarantee success any more than any one attribute can guarantee success. However it is an important requisite for success. Few people get far thinking negatively.

Cultivate positive thinking. Turn off negative thinking which is destructive and limiting. Bring yourself back to positive thinking whenever your mind begins negative self-talk. In a short time you will find it of great benefit. Resolve to remain positive and doors will open for you that you would never see in a negative state of mind. You will attract other positive thinking people and this will strengthen your positive outlook. Having a positive attitude is free. You do not have to pay for any course on it. 

You do not have to study for months or years to master it. Just do it. Do it every day. Let positive thinking open doors of opportunity for you and make life more enjoyable. Nothing will do more to bring you happiness and success then cultivating a positive state of mind.
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