Creating True Wealth – Step 3 – Attitude — 3.1 Importance of Attitude

Once you have committed to a course of action and a definite and certain purpose nothing will have greater influence over your success than your attitude. There is an inside aspect to attitude and an outside aspect to attitude.

The inside aspect of attitude is the most significant aspect – it is your attitude that will ultimately determine whether you will succeed. If you are positive and believe in the potential of your success you are far more likely to succeed. This has been demonstrated over and over by millions of people. It is often a tremendous challenge to succeed in your goals with a positive and constructive attitude. It is nearly impossible to succeed with a poor attitude.

Our own potential for success responds to our attitude. The right attitude will motivate you and maintain that motivation. It will spark innovation, creativity and the perseverance that success requires. Your attitude can be the fuel for your success engine and can make the difference. Attitude by itself is not enough. But without the right attitude success will evade nearly everyone.

The outside aspect of attitude is how your attitude affects others. Your success in creating wealth requires you to obtain things from other people. It may be your employees, your customers, your investors, your partners. You will never build significant wealth alone – you need others to succeed. Your attitude can both attract good people to you and motivate them to help you or you can repel them. 

You can form tremendous partnerships with like minded people with the right attitude and you can lose those same people. Your attitude may the most important factor in gaining the cooperation of others.

Again, your attitude alone is not all that is needed. You must offer value to people, you must have integrity; and you must be persistent in your efforts. Given those equally important characteristics however the right attitude can spell tremendous success and lead to the creation of true wealth.

Next post in this series will be about what the right attitude is.

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