Creating True Wealth – Step 2 – Identifying Your Purpose: Part A

Desire – the starting point of all achievement. – Napoleon Hill

Success depends first and foremost on your having a purpose, or what Napoleon Hill called a Definite and Certain Purpose. When you identify what your purpose is and develop a burning desire to achieve it you have made the first, and perhaps the most important step toward success.

You may already have a purpose or goal which consumes you and if you do that is great and you need not read the next section – simply skip beyond it to the following section. But if you are in doubt as to what your purpose should be read on.

Note: some people will state that their purpose is to make money or to become rich. People have become very wealthy with that as their primary goal. For two reasons however I suggest you do not make that your definite purpose. It is a relatively shallow purpose. We earn money by being of service; by solving other people’s problems or meeting their needs. People who have a passion to do that – to serve – are usually far more passionate about their purpose, more likely to persevere and more likely to be successful. You are more likely to have a more meaningful experience if you choose something beyond making money as your purpose and you are more likely to succeed.

There is nothing at all wrong with making money, even lots of money, while you serve others. In fact that may well be part of your plan.

How to determine your purpose:

Perhaps you find yourself at a loss to know what your purpose and your burning desire in life really is. If so there is a simple process to help you determine it. I did say simple, but I did not say easy. Determining your personal purpose requires a self inspection and analysis that many do not want to do. It takes some effort and a willingness to examine what you truly find important. As difficult as it may be however, it is well worth the effort. Those who have a clear and definite purpose to pursue succeed far more than those who drift aimlessly.

Part 1 – The List

First you should take out pen and paper and make a list of all the things you like to do. Make a long list. Add as many activities as you can think of. There are no rules about this list, it may include silly things or things you cannot imagine would be related to a goal or purpose. You might include hobbies like gardening, fishing, reading, knitting, video gaming, etc. Include everything you do, you like to do, you would like to do or you have enjoyed doing in the past. You can include any jobs you have done, are doing now, or have dreamed of doing. You can include anything that you’ve seen others doing and have thought, “Gee, that looks like it would really be fun” or “she seems so fulfilled doing that”.

Is your list finished? Are you sure? Make sure. Here is why I insist on this – for many people their true passion is buried deep inside. It is something they did as a child and no longer think they have time to do. It is something they day dream about but never think they could actually do it.

Next post we will move on to Part 2 – Prioritizing the List

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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