Creating True Wealth – Step 2.3 – Decision to Commit

Once you decide what your definite and certain purpose is you must decide to commit. It is easy to commit for today. It is easy to commit for the short term. It is easy to commit when you are motivated and excited. It is easy to commit when your project and goals are new.

The successful person makes a commitment to see their purpose through no matter what. They persist despite disappointment, setbacks and temporary “failure”. They refine their approach, learn from their mistakes and keep going forward. They do this day after day, week after week and month after month.

It takes a genuinely deep commitment to your purpose to sustain that level of motivation and work for months and years. Often the biggest difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that level of commitment and the willingness to stick to it.

It is easy to be distracted, to lose sight of the ultimate goal and to head down new paths that seem are more enticing. You can chase a hundred distractions and never accomplish anything of significance.

Bill Gates was committed to a definite purpose – to developing and marketing consumer based software to place a useful computer in every home and then to link every home to the internet. He did not work toward that purpose for weeks or months – he worked it for years before he realized the amazing success we all take for granted about Microsoft. It is estimated that he wrote code for well over 10,000 hours beginning in high school before he perfected his approach.

The Beatles had a purpose to become a famous and successful pop music group, first I Europe and then on the world stage. They too practiced and toured crummy nightclubs and small venues for years – also spending over 10,000 hours of practice and playing together to perfect their sound which looked so easy by the time they landed on the Ed Sullivan Show.

There is no instant success. Success takes commitment and follow through. Michael Jordan did thousands – not hundreds but thousands of free shots and layups to become the best basketball player of his day.

Thomas Edison tested thousands of substances before he found the one that would make the light bulb reliable and useful. It took months of tireless work by him and his team to create light.

If you want to be successful you must be committed. If you do not feel that level of commitment find something that you can be committed to. Then act on it and act on it repeatedly until it comes together.

This is what makes success. 

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Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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