Creating True Wealth – Step 2.1 – How to Write Your Purpose

How you write your purpose is critical to its effectiveness. The most effective way to write your purpose is in the present tense as though it already has been achieved.

Why: although we do not entirely understand why the mind accepts statements of current or present fact in a different manner than statements of what will be. Most simply, if you tell your mind or your subconscious, which is where the critical work of your mind occurs, that something will happen, your mind accepts this as a potentiality. A potentiality is not something which is happening but something which can happen. You want your mind to believe that your purpose is happening. It is simply more effective. Many authors and experts on visualization techniques teach this method and it works.

How: state your purpose as though it has been achieved. For example if your purpose is to become an expert on let’s say weight loss, and then to educate others on this subject and to earn money in this process you could write this purpose two different ways:

I shall become an expert on weight loss methods, shall teach it to others and shall be compensated for this service.

Or you could write:

I am an expert on weight loss methods; I teach others these methods and am compensated for this service.

The latter method, stated in the present tense, as though it were accomplished, is more effective.

One more change will make it even more effective. You want to be very specific in how you state your purpose and what you expect in return. It would be better therefore to state your purpose as follows:

I am an expert on weight loss methods; I teach others these methods and am compensated in the amount of $7500 per month for this service.

Write in the present, as though it were happening right now, and be specific about what you will do, what value you will provide, and what you will receive in return.

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Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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