Consistency + Improvement = Success

Success in any endeavor is the result of a number of factors. However, the biggest factor is consistency. Sometimes it is also described as persistence. Keep at it over and over, day in and day out; you get better and better.

Anthony Moore recently posted a long post on describing how consistency makes people more successful. Being persistent or consistent at what you are doing does pay off. Ask Olympic athletes. The practice every day. They cannot afford to goof off for a day. They may have to rest for an injury but they keep at it almost all the time. That is how they get good at what they do. That is how they become the best at what they do.

The same is true for many athletes, actors, business people, professionals.

Improvement is Essential

There is one aspect of consistency that Moore misses in his article. If you are consistent in doing something the wrong way you are just consistently wrong. That does not lead to success – it only leads to consistent failure.

In addition to being consistent, to practice your art or your skill consistently, you must constantly improve how you do it.

Those Olympic athletes don’t just train by doing the same thing the same way every day. They learn to do things better every day. They have coaches. They learn what they are doing less effectively and they learn how to improve their performance.

Yes, hard work and consistent work is critical for long term success. But so is improvement. Once you learn how to do something better you can then use consistent application of that better approach to improve your performance. That is what ultimately makes great success.

Consistent work plus constant improvement leads to amazing success. It is the formula for success.

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