Common Regrets at Death – Happiness vs Wealth

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We talk here a lot about wealth and success. Those things certainly have a valid role in our lives. However wealth and success do not make happiness. There are many successful and wealthy people who are not happy. There are people with neither wealth nor success, at least conventional success, who are happy.

There is no magic moment in life when you suddenly know all the secrets to happiness. However there does seem to be a unique perspective attained near death, when we know that death is imminent, and we see with greater clarity what in life made us truly happy and what may not have.

In 2009 Bronnie Ware who worked for many years working with people about to die wrote The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. JD Roth, founder of and author founded a new blog called More Than Money. Roth focused on money and wealth for a long time in his writing. He also wants to call attention to qualities in life beyond wealth. Roth’s blog entry, The Regrets of the Dying, draws from Ware’s book and offers some unique insight into forms of “wealth” that have nothing to do with money.

Do yourself a favor and read Roth’s article. You may even want to read Ware’s book. If you would, do us all a favor and come back here and leave a comment about what you think of Roth’s article.

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