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great_idea2Enough Already! Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You by Peter Walsh Guest Post By Alain Burrese

I read “Enough Already! Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You” by Peter Walsh without knowing anything about him. I had not read his previous books, nor had I seen him on television. Now that I’ve read “Enough Already!” I’m going to read his previous books, and most likely any future books he writes. I enjoyed this book and found it full of useful information to help anyone eliminate clutter that blocks the path to who they want to become.

The book is easy to read and contains encouragement along with specific tips and practical advice to acknowledge and address the emotional and mental clutter that holds people back from living the richly fulfilling life each and everyone deserves.

The book consists of 271 pages divided into a short introduction and six chapters, each focusing on one area where mental clutter may be keeping you from your very best. Since Walsh’s previous books focus on getting rid of clutter, it is not surprising that this book also recommends getting rid of things and in doing so you can get rid of some of the mental clutter than inevitably comes with hoarding too much. Walsh encourages you to look to yourself first, and describes what it takes to make changes in your life. With an encouraging “Let’s get started!” he dives into the six focus areas of this text.

These six areas include relationships, work, family, money, health, and our sense of well-being. Each chapter contains a short quiz to help you see where you are at in your life. I think the most important part of these quizzes is to help you recognize the issues and the different contrasts that could be present. It is obvious reading the quizzes that one set of answers is someone very well balanced and uncluttered where the other is someone at the opposite end of the spectrum and one set is in-between. The questions should get you thinking, and I believe that is what they are for.

Walsh has you imagine how you would like each of the categories he writes about. This is another useful exercise. He encourages you to determine what you really want, but he also provides some important elements that I believe we all would want in our situations. For instance, in the Family chapter he discussed the importance of things such as love, joy, balance of fun and growth, trust and communication. In the Money chapter he discusses debt, living in the present, living within your means, vacations, and bills. I found a lot of his advice to be right on, and I often compared the way I do things with his suggestions.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading “Enough Already!” It was an easy book to read with some very practical advice. It was uplifting and encouraged me to act on a few things right away. I would recommend it to anyone feeling stress over any of the six main topics he covers or about life in general. Take a moment to relax, read the book, and start implementing Walsh’s suggestions into your own matters and find your mind free from mental clutter as your space becomes free of physical clutter. It’s worth it!

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