Christmas Shopping

Baubles *Merry Christmas*
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From read how one family who seek to eliminate debt deals with Christmas Shopping. Brian writes about the techniques he uses to control holiday shopping and avoid holiday debt. He also mentions Dave Ramsey’s My Christmas Budget which you can conveniently use on-line to control your spending.

There is something almost schizophrenic about our approach to Christmas shopping. On the one hand we profess that Christmas and other holidays this time of year are not about gifts and things – it is about good will and peace. At the same time Americans spend small fortunes buying all kinds of gifts for others and often incur substantial debt, mostly credit card debt, in the process. Why are we so conflicted I wonder?

Regardless of how you feel about gifting giving this time of year it is very wise to avoid the debt. Read Brian’s article and consider his ideas. Then come back here and let us know what you think.

Brian writes his blog, Debt Discipline, about how he strives to become debt free in 2014.

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