Buffett – Making of an American Capitalist – Mini-Book Review

Title: Buffett – Making of an American Capitalist
Author: Roger Lowenstein
Book Category: Biography/Business
Publication Information: ©1995 by Roger Lowenstein. Published by Random House, Inc. 512 pages. Hardback.


Warren Buffett is probably the most astute investor today. He has made a massive fortune, gaining the status for a short time as richest man in the world, by his savvy and his understanding of how business succeeds. He can analyze businesses very well and thereby pick the businesses with the most promise leading to the largest profits.

Buffett’s rules are never to lose money and to understand that the market always ultimately catches up with value. Buffett invests for the long term and cultivates friendships and positive relationships with his investors. His primary investing vehicle is the Berkshire Hathaway Corporation. This book discusses Buffett’s investment methods and philosophy and starts the process of teaching the reader how to invest the Buffett way.

Writing Style: Moderate
Content:  Relevant & Timely
Over All Score: Very Good

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