What Brain Science Teaches Us About Organization and Time Management

Chimp Brain in a jarJena McGregor posted a great article in the Washington Post on September 8, 2014 about the neuroscience of organization.

The material for McGregor’s article comes from The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin. He is a McGill University professor of psychology and behavoiral neuroscience. In his book he examines for us how our brain works related to our level of organization.

In the article Levitin is interviewed about what research shows us about our brain and organization.

Levitin tells us what is right and wrong about David Allen’s teachings on time management. He discusses the importance of not multi-tasking and why our brains are not effective at it.

You will learn what Area 47 is in the brain and how it impacts our effectiveness.

Read McGregor’s article and then come back here if you would and let us know what you think?

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Daniel R. Murphy
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