Bouncing Back from a Major Setback

great_idea2What do you do when you have a major setback to regain positive momentum? Recently Michael Hyatt, blogger, author and consultant, posted on his blog about this. He suggests six things you can do. First five specific steps to bounce back and then one larger contextual step to avoid unnecessary negativity in our lives.

Hyatt’s Five Steps to Bounce Back

  1. Acknowledge what happened. Hyatt says you cannot move past a setback if you do not first acknowledge it.
  2. Empathize with those who suffered.
  3. Put the setback in context.
  4. Point out the positive. What have you learned from this setback? Is there a silver lining?
  5. Keep moving forward. The difference between succeeding and failing is how you respond to setbacks. Successful people move on. They do not accept any setback as final defeat.

Avoiding Unnecessary Negativity

I learned a lesson from my very smart wife many years ago that apparently Michael Hyatt has also learned. Avoid TV news. TV news is hyped negativity. They make their money by creating fear and anxiety. They capitalize on human suffering and tragedy. Who really needs a steady diet of that?

What benefit is there to you to see video of thousands of auto accidents, house fires, murder scenes and other horrific things day in and day out throughout your life?

This steady stream of hyped negativity is depressing and saps your spirit. To succeed in life we must be positive. To maintain positivity, we must focus on the positive, not wallow in the negative.

I do think it important to be informed. I read news in newspapers (both the paper kind and on line), internet feeds (selectively) and the radio.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the hyped negativity of TV news most of the time. Get your news more selectively. When a serious setback does befall you try Hyatt’s five steps to move on.

Read Michael Hyatt’s post here.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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