A transition in the making...

Welcome to the transition page.

I founded Books2Wealth in 2008 to help others learn how to manage their finances to create wealth. Articles, Book Reviews and Expert Author Interviews were located at Those materials are now mostly available here. I am still in the process of posting them but by the end of 2017 all that content will be posted here. I also published a regular newsletter, first called Creating True Wealth, and now called Achieve. That newsletter, published every fortnight, is still available for free in the sign-up box at right.

Earlier in 2016 I began a transition based on what some of my customers told me they most wanted to learn. My emphasis is becoming less about wealth creation and more about a broader journey in self-improvement. I still believe that building financial security is important but it is no longer the keystone of my work here. It is but a part of a larger mission to help others achieve what they truly desire in life.

By focusing my time and energy here in one place I hope to provide more valuable information to you, my readers.

I thank all my loyal readers for following my work here. I invite new readers to join me in this exciting new chapter in my work. I invite you to return from time to time to see the progress as that work grows.

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Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
May 20, 2017

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