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 The Success Essentials by Daniel R. Murphy

ebook1_smallNow available on Kindle! The book that took 30 years to write. After having read and reviewed hundreds of books on success and failure and having observed thousands of people succeeding and failing Daniel R. Murphy developed a collection of principles that are the essential features of success. Learn what key essentials create success based on three decades of study and reflection.  Click on the image below to buy the book now.



Your Financial Success by Daniel R. Murphy

Your Financial Success ThumbnailNow available on Kindle.  This is the primer on how to manage your money to gain control over your financial life, build wealth and achieve financial security and independence. It covers the seven essential steps to control your money and attain financial sanity. No matter where you are or what your income is this book is designed to help you to effectively reduce and eliminate debt, gain control over your money and build wealth. Millions of people have done this and you can do. Click on the cover image and get your copy today.


content-5228119-DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILEffective Time Management by Daniel R. Murphy

  • Learn how to take control of your time and manage it effectively.
  • Learn how to stop wasting time and make the best use of it.
  • Avoid interruptions and distractions. Get the important things done.
  • Learn how to plan simply and execute according to your plan.

Click on the cover to get your copy on Kindle today.


cover_image_goalsGoal Power!

Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Goals to Achieve Anything

By Daniel R. Murphy

Book One in the Little Success Book Series

Goal Power! is a concise introduction to the fundamentals of creating effective goals and executing them. Learn how proper use of goals leads to success and can enable you to achieve anything you want to achieve.

Learn how the number of goals you have affects your ability to achieve any of them.

Learn how to properly define a goal with sufficient clarity to motivate you and help you achieve your aim. Learn how to use short term and long term goals.

Learn how to execute a goal and sustain efforts for the long term.

Goal Power! is available on Kindle and in paperback from

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