Blog Posts Worth Noting

sleep is the enemy
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Here is a small selection of recent blog posts that you may find instructive and inspiring. The nice thing about blog posts is that they are usually short and easy to read. They usually center on one subject and they are concise. I scan about 30 blogs on a regular basis and bring some of the best things I see to you here.

From The Simple Dollar read this great post on ten inspirational stories that will inspire you.

From More than Money read this post on fear and how to overcome it.

Money and stress – they seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Must they? Read this post at Becoming Minimalist to learn how to reduce or eliminate the stress that comes from worrying about money.

Whether you liked him or not, Ronald Reagan was an effective communicator and leader. Even his political enemies agreed on that. Learn some leadership lessons from Reagan on James Strocks blog.

Come back here if you would and let us know what you think of these posts.

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