Blog Posts of Interest

How to track your spending and why you should by Holly Johnson on the Get Rich Slowly blog. This excellent blog post does what the title says – tells you how to track your spending and why you should. I have long advocated tracking where your money goes, both income and expenses. You cannot manage anything unless you keep track of it and you cannot grow your wealth unless you manage it. Read Holly’s ideas on this.

On the Financial Samurai blog JD Roth posts his story of going from broke to being rich and how it affected his life. Worth the read: How I Went from Debtor to Millionaire. As I’ve many times said true wealth is about more than just money. In this blog post you will hear from someone who achieved substantial financial success and then tells us how it changed his life and about its darker side.

In 9 Common Pursuits that Rob Us of Happiness  Joshua Becker tells us what so many of us do that can rob us of genuine happiness. Life is about more (or less) than the pursuit of certain things. A good post about balance in our life.

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