Believe it is Possible

“The number one problem that keeps people from winning in the United States today is a lack of belief in themselves”. – Arthur L. Williams, Founder of A.L. Williams Insurance Company, sold to Primerica in 1989 for $90 million.

Every successful person learns one big lesson – you get what you expect. For every person who believes in himself and succeeds there are hundreds or thousands of individuals who lack belief in what is possible and fail.

Belief in the possible is not all it takes to succeed. Motivational speakers and others have over sold this idea. However just because it has been misrepresented does not mean it is sound. You have to do a lot more than believe you can succeed to do so, but it is essential that you do.

People who are pessimistic and negative rarely if ever do as well as those who are positive and believe in the possible. In his book, The Success Principles, Jack Canfield writes that neuropsychologists have discovered something called expectance theory – a proven psychological phenomenon that people see and experience what they expect to experience. Put simply if you expect to succeed you greatly enhance the likelihood you will succeed. If you expect to fail you likely will fail.

Put this to the test in your own life. Tell yourself often how much you expect to succeed at some task or challenge and see if success is not easier to achieve in this frame of mind.

You may be plagued by self doubt, the dark shadow opposite of belief in yourself. If you are you must confront it. You must intend to believe and act as though you do believe it is possible – in time you will begin to actually believe what you intend to believe.

One method that works very well for many people is to keep a journal or diary. In your journal write about what you wish to believe in, write it often and write it with conviction. Read what you have written. This process actually creates neural linkages in your brain which strengthen your desired belief system. You are not fooling yourself any more than repeatedly predicting failure is fooling yourself – you are merely creating a positive mental atmosphere for good things to happen.

Think it. Say it. Write it. Read it. The more your brain is confronted with your belief in what you want to believe in the more it will become a real belief and from that real belief there is little you cannot accomplish.

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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