Be More to Achieve More

successSuccess is not an accident. It is the result of predictable efforts that can be learned. If you understand this you have taken the first major step toward achieving whatever you desire.

“Unless you change who you are, you will always have what you’ve got”. – Jim Rohn

If you also understand Rohn’s message you have taken the second major step toward success.

It took me years to fully understand and really accept these two concepts about success. Once I got it things changed for me, and they will change for you as well.

Success Mindset

We are taught through the examples of others and what others say to us. Those messages are often about excuses.

“I could never do that because…”.

“My boss never let me…”.

“I am not tall enough…”.

“I am not smart enough…”

“I could never learn how to do that…”;

We hear these excuses so often they play back in our minds. We limit ourselves constantly with excuses. This is not a success mindset; this is a failure mindset. It will only bring self-limitation and failure.

Yes, there are things one cannot do. As I write this post I am 61. I will never be an Olympic contender or a professional ballet dancing at this age. It would be a waste of time to try to be either. I am not talking about that kind of limitation here.

I am talking about the millions of things I could do, I could achieve, and am only limited from achieving by my own thinking.

If there is something you want to achieve and it is realistic (and you would be surprised how much is realistic) the only thing that limits you from achieving it is your attitude or mindset and your willingness to make the changes needed to achieve it.

A success mindset ignores excuses and focuses on desire.

“I want to lose weight therefore I must do the following…”.

“I want to save more money therefore I must…”.

“I want to learn a foreign language therefore I must…”.

The “I want to” statements clarify what you aim to achieve. You then identify what you have to do to achieve it. Most of the things we want to achieve of consequence require us to change – to learn more, to do more, to be more – and that is how we achieve success.

Learning is Vital

In most cases we are not achieving what we want because we do not know how to. You cannot bake a cake without a recipe. You cannot build a house without skills and plans. Whatever you want to achieve you must become more to achieve it. You must learn how others have done it. You must learn the how.

Learning today is easier than it has every been. Your public library is full of free books that will teach you almost anything you want to learn. The Internet is an amazing resource full of endless sources of information on how to do anything. There are written materials and videos that will teach you everything from how to fix a leaking faucet to how to invest your money.

There are many people out there who have achieved what you seek to achieve. You can learn from them. You can read their biographies. You can study their work. You can often talk to them and learn directly through mentorship.

The more you learn the more you know and the more you know the more potential you have to attain success. It is not always easy, but it is always that simple.

Becoming More

It is possible to read up on anything or to learn any new skill and then not use it. People do this all the time. They buy a book, read part or all of it, put it on a shelf, and never take the action required to implement what they have learned.

It is essential to learn more, but it is equally essential to put what we learn into practice, it is essential to be more.

The next time you learn a new skill or read a book that teaches you something it is vital that you implement it.

  1. Read the book or study the instructional video with great care. If it is a book highlight the important ideas. Re-read it until you fully understand it. Take notes.
  2. Identify clear steps you can take to implement what the book teaches you.
  3. Write down those steps.
  4. Put the steps in your schedule. Set aside time each day to implement what you have learned.
  5. Step back every week or two and look at what you have achieved. If it has gone well congratulate yourself and learn more. If it has not gone well find out why and try again.

These five steps, repeated over and over, will allow you to become more, to know more, and to do more. That is how success at anything happens.

Resolve to become more than you are today, to know more, and to do more and you will succeed in ways you may now not even imagine.

Thousands of people have done just that. So can you.

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