Be a Seeker

question-buttonThe unexamined life is not worth living. — Socrates

There are three things that successful people seek: knowledge, insight and wisdom.

The more you know the more doors open to you. Seeking knowledge is essential to keep up in a world that is changing as quickly as ours, but it also has rewards beyond that. Learning new things is exciting and enjoyable in itself. It stimulates our imagination.

Insight is understanding. One can accumulate all kinds of knowledge today, it is easier than ever with the internet. But if you do not understand how it all fits together and what use may be put to the knowledge you gain it may not serve you well. Seeking insight requires thinking – deep thinking.

Wisdom is the most difficult to seek. Wisdom is discernment. It grows with knowledge, insight and maturity. Wisdom is a process that combines these things. It is not dependent on age. I’ve known some very wise young people and some older people who seem to lack it. Wisdom often grows with age but it no dependent upon it.

The more you know, understand, and discern the more you can accomplish. If you commit to being a lifelong learner as nearly all successful people do you will accumulate experience and knowledge that is invaluable. If you dig more deeply into what you know so that you understand, your knowledge becomes more powerful. In time, with discernment and reflection you may become wiser as well.

One practice that is helpful is to spend just a few minutes each evening reflecting on what you have learned that day. Thinking about what you have learned try to understand how this new information fits into your world. What does it mean? How can it be useful? It is a great idea to jot these reflections down in a journal or notebook.

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