Bad Meetings

Meetings: Too Many; Poorly Run

In most organizations meetings are necessary. In most organizations many meetings are poorly run. Many meetings should not happen at all.

David Grady brings us this great TED talk about meetings. It just scratches the surface but it hits home for those of us who have been through a thousand meetings. For me it is more than a thousand.

On average I go to 3 meetings a week. Based on that average I’ve attended something like 5432 meetings during my career. That is 679 eight hour days sitting in meetings. That is 33.9 months of work days sitting in meetings. That is 2.8 full working years sitting in meetings. It boggles the mind. It especially boggles the mind when you consider how poorly so many meetings are conducted and how many need not have been held at all.

Grady suggests we simply do not have to attend all those meetings. And when we do they should be a good use of time. They should be well run. Maybe people should be trained on how to run a meeting well. Maybe we should have fewer meetings. Maybe, as Grady suggests, we can influence this by going to fewer of them.

Watch the talk below and help us all have fewer meetings and better meetings. You have to move passed the initial video to find Grady’s video as they are packaged together.


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Daniel R. Murphy
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