Are You in the 20%

money_bagImagine being debt free. No monthly payments. No interest.

Brian from  posted an interesting article about the 20% of Americans who do not have debt. He says:

According to a recent report published by the Urban Institute, 20% of all Americans with a credit file do not have any recordable debt. Sorry my Canadian friends, this is a U.S. only report. So I ask are you part of the 20 percent? I’m not yet, but have a plan on getting there. The report breaks debt down into two main categories mortgage debt and non-mortgage debt. Non-mortgage debt including many types of personal debt, including car loans, education loans, and credit cards. As well as uncollected debt such as medical and utility bills.

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Brian goes on to talk about where people are most in debt and about good debt and bad debt. It is a good discussion. Check it out and let us know what you think about debt.

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