Are You Happy?

Mamma Mia.  りんご娘のライブ コンサート
Glenn Waters ぐれんin Japan. / Foter / CC BY

Why do we desire wealth? Financial security? To buy things? To work less? To enjoy more? To travel?

Each of us has our own list of reasons why more wealth would be a good thing. Or at least we believe it would be a good thing. If you think about it though all these things: security, possessions, experiences, travel, and more all are sought largely for one purpose – to make us happy.

Happiness is what we most often seek in life. It is true that many people seek meaning, but in the end meaning creates satisfaction and a sense of satisfaction leads to some happiness.

We seek to avoid pain and discomfort. Going without the things we need can be painful. Being hungry or cold or homeless – these are all painful. Failing to attain our dreams can be painful. We seek to avoid these pains by succeeding and doing the things we like to do and having the things that we enjoy using. Whether it is to directly gain happiness or avoid pain and thereby gain happiness the end result that we seek is happiness.

I will not go too far down the rabbit hole here about happiness. It is elusive and it is never really permanent. Happiness, I suggest is how we feel when we accomplish what we want. I also suggest that there are some forms of happiness that are rather superficial and do not last long at all. Buying stuff for example can provide a very transitory and superficial kind of happiness. It does not last.

On the other hand developing deep and healthy relationships with people can lead to much deeper happiness. Serving others can make us far happier than serving ourselves.

Charlie Page, an on line entrepreneur who owns the Directory of Ezines recently wrote about his idea on the Three Steps to Happiness. Charlie’s steps are probably as good as any I’ve seen and worth checking out.

So, what makes you happy? Do you think happiness is your ultimate goal in life? What do you think of Charlie’s Three Steps? Check out Charlie’s blog post and then come back and let us know what you think about happiness.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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