Announcing Change in Posting Schedule Here

DRM-3It is time for some changes around here and I will explain what and why in this post.

I have been posting an average of three posts per week here for much of this year. For two important reasons that will now change.

►I am learning that I can post one very high quality post per week or I can post three less than high quality posts per week. You probably do not have more time than I do to read blog posts. You expect the best: posts that are well written and convey useful information. Right? That is what I aim to do: at least one very high quality post per week, usually on Wednesdays. I reserve the right to post more if the need arises. I will guarantee you one per week.

►Blog posts are a great way to inform people. They are readily available, easy to access and they tend to be short so people will read them. Great. But I want to offer more to those of you who wish to dig more deeply into these subjects. I plan to write more books and offer them both as Kindle books and hard copy books. I will also be creating slide show videos. These things take time – lots of time if they are done right– and I am only interested in doing them right.

My aim is to deliver the best product to you in these blog posts. I hope that fewer posts of higher quality will serve you better. If you disagree leave a reply below to let me know.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
Educating people for building wealth, adapting to a changing future and personal development.