Advantages and Challenges

Acordar as pessoas: há um novo dia!Trent Hamm recently wrote about privileges and advantages on the Simple Dollar blog.

He makes some good points. Nearly all of us have some advantages and some disadvantages. Such is life.

Perhaps we can exploit our advantages and succeed despite our disadvantages?

Hamm writes:

“I was born blind in one eye. I was born deaf in one ear. I was born without a functional thyroid gland. I spent more than a year of my childhood in the hospital.

I grew up outside of a tiny, tiny town in Illinois in a school district where my graduating class had 29 people in it. We didn’t have AP classes or any sort of college prep classes.

No one in my family had ever attended college – no grandparents or parents or siblings. My parents kept food on the table, but the concept of college savings wasn’t something they even thought about, and their income was insanely variable from year to year. Some years they would earn so little that we would have easily qualified for food stamps, while other years they earned somewhat more (and usually dug themselves out of the hole of previous years).

In the end, college really didn’t seem like a realistic choice for me during my high school years, so much so that I was planning to work at a factory after I graduated from high school. I mostly applied for scholarships at the incessant request of a few teachers at my high school along with the guidance counselor and unexpectedly cobbled together enough to go to a four-year state school.”

Most of us can write a similar story. We all have our challenges and out advantages. The question is what we do with them. Hamm writes an extended article to discuss this, and especially about what he has done.

Read the rest here.

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