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Hi, my name is Dan Murphy and welcome to my blog.

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I have made a study of self-improvement and success literature for over 25 years. I created www.Books2Wealth.com and this blog to teach others about what can be learned from success writing and about how to gain success on the road to wealth in a balanced way.
In 2008 I launched the Creating True Wealth Blog and in 2013 I moved its contents here to this blog. If you are reader of the the old blog you will find all the content here. In addition I review dozens of blogs, magazines, and books every month and publish reviews and other materials about them. You may not have time to read it all but by reading this blog and my website you can learn what I’ve selected for you from the thousands of pages published daily.
What this blog is about…
The main areas I write on are personal development, building wealth, financial skills, time management, success and leadership. However I also write on other related subjects and I feature other blogs, authors and sources of information to help you out. I specialize in book reviews.
I generally write two posts a week here. I hope you can visit often and comment when you feel moved. I love to hear from my readers. Perhaps more importantly, readers like to read what other readers are thinking.
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By all means check out the blog, but don’t hesitate to comment on what you like, what you do not like, what you would like to learn more about… and so on. A blog is not a one way street – your comments are welcome and encouraged.
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This blog is for information and educational purposes only. No guarantees are made as to accuracy. The opinions expressed here by me are mine alone. The opinions of my guest writers are their ideas and I do not endorse them unless I say so. If you need professional advice please consult a professional, this blog is not a substitute for legal, medical or professional financial advice.
Now, enjoy what you find here and let me know your thoughts.
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Feel free to if you have private questions or comments or if you are an author and would like me to interview you or review your book. Just send your questions or comments below.

Wishing you well,
Daniel R. Murphy

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